Summer 2009 Issue

Here is the "Summer '09 Issue." This issue includes articles on:

- How to Monitor Shareholder Activism in a Changing World
- The Art of Handling Director Resignations: Practice Pointers
- Parsing the SEC’s Proxy Access Proposal
- My Last ExxonMobil Annual Meeting
- Online Document Sharing Services: Legal and Reputation Concerns for IROs

Spring 2009 Issue

Here is the "Spring '09 Issue." This issue includes articles on:

- Facing an Unpredictable World: How to Change Earnings Guidance Practices
- The Box: Updating Guidance Mid-Quarter—and the Duty to Update
- Implementing Mandatory Retirement Ages for Directors: Practice Pointers
- Web Archival Practices: Answering "How Long?"
- Chair Schapiro Announces the SEC's New Corporate Governance Agenda
- Draft E-Proxy Standards: NIRI Seeks Comment


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